Widgelix is a powerful and flexible deep analytics cloud service for IoT device management and data visualization.

Our platform allows you to integrate devices from various manufacturers into a single platform and turn collected data into valuable assets.

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Smart City Solutions

Parking monitoring

Are you in need of a reliable parking monitoring solution? Look no further than Widgelix. Our platform offers customizable alerts, detailed reports, and accurate workload predictions to help you effectively manage your parking operations.

Waste management

Efficient waste management is crucial for maintaining a clean and sustainable environment. Widgelix offers a solution by utilizing data from waste container sensors to generate reports and optimize routes for garbage trucks, reducing fuel consumption in the process.

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Alert Engine

Stay informed and in control with Widgelix’s Flexible Alert Engine. Our platform allows you to receive updates on your monitored objects or areas via popular private or corporate messaging apps and email.

Create complex rules based on multiple parameters or combine data from multiple devices into a single rule chain, all without any coding experience required.

Analyze Features

Detecting signals artefacts

Widgelix offers advanced radio monitoring capabilities to help you detect and troubleshoot potential issues in your IoT network.

Our platform constantly monitors your devices’ signals, alerting you to any unusual parameters or abnormalities, allowing you to proactively address and resolve any issues, ensuring a stable and efficient network performance.

Battery lifetime estimating

Our platform uses historical data and device specifications to predict when batteries need to be recharged or replaced, ensuring that your operations run smoothly without interruption.

Data prediction

Widgelix’s advanced analytics capabilities allow you to make data-driven decisions by providing insights into the trends and predictions of your IoT devices and systems. Our platform uses historical data and machine learning algorithms to estimate future behavior and provide valuable predictions, giving you the ability to proactively plan and optimize your operations.


The white-labeling feature of Widgelix provides customers with the flexibility to tailor the platform to their needs, ensuring that their branding and identity is front-and-center in all interactions with their clients.

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