In partnership with ENGINKO, GreenMesh unveils a groundbreaking solution tailored for industries reliant on tank storage. Our contactless level measurement technology promises efficient management of liquids, chemicals, and solid materials, eliminating the need for labor-intensive visual inspections. This not only slashes costs but also averts unexpected overflow or depletion, ensuring uninterrupted business processes.

Accurate and Maintenance-Free Measurement

Our sensors utilize cutting-edge contactless technology, providing precise level measurements with easy installation and maintenance-free operation lasting up to 10 years. Employing LoRaWAN wireless transmission ensures reliable long-distance communication, allowing businesses to effortlessly monitor liquid levels, boosting productivity, and enhancing profitability through effective material management.

Seamless Data Collection and Analysis with Widgelix

Enter GreenMesh’s Widgelix, our versatile IoT platform acting as the central hub for collecting and analyzing data from various IoT devices, including our smart level sensors. This platform accommodates data from diverse devices, offering insightful information crucial for decision-making. With an intuitive interface and customizable dashboards, Widgelix adapts effortlessly to unique business needs, providing a deeper understanding of operations and facilitating informed decisions.

Connecting with GreenMesh

Explore the future of efficient material management with GreenMesh’s Smart Level Measurement solution. Partner with us for streamlined processes, cost savings, and heightened operational effectiveness.

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