In a world where our pets are cherished members of our families, their safety and well-being are paramount. At GreenMesh, we’re thrilled to introduce a revolutionary solution that goes beyond traditional pet monitoring: Widgelix in collaboration with Seeed Studio‘s advanced LoRaWAN tracker, the SenseCAP T1000. This innovative partnership not only ensures the safety of your beloved pets but also opens doors to a realm of geolocation monitoring possibilities for various applications.

We understand that each pet is unique, and their comfort and safety are of paramount importance. While the SenseCAP T1000 tracker offers cutting-edge technology, we want to highlight that its card-sized design might not be suitable for very small pets like tiny dogs or cats.

But worry not! Seeed Studio offers customization options for the SenseCAP T1000 tracker, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of any use-case.


More than 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the United States alone every year

By combining the advanced features of the SenseCAP T1000 tracker with the robust capabilities of Widgelix, you’re not just monitoring your pet; you’re enhancing their safety, ensuring their well-being, and strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend.

Real-time Location Tracking

Track your pet’s exact location in real-time, ensuring you always know where they are.

Geofencing Capabilities

Set up virtual boundaries. Receive instant alerts if your pet moves outside the designated safe area, providing peace of mind.

Instant Notifications

Receive immediate alerts via email or app notifications if your pet strays too far, allowing prompt action to be taken.

Historical Activity Data

Access historical data to understand your pet’s activity patterns and behavior, aiding in their overall well-being.

Health and Safety Monitoring

Monitor your pet’s health with temperature and movement alerts, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times.

Long Battery Life

Enjoy extended usage due to the tracker’s energy efficiency, reducing the need for frequent charging.

User-Friendly Interface

Utilize an intuitive interface that makes monitoring your pet’s location and setting up alerts effortless, catering to all user levels.

Global Connectivity

Operate your pet tracker globally, ensuring your pet’s safety even when traveling or in unfamiliar locations.

Easy Access, Seamless Connection

At first, the SenseCAP T1000 is readily available in the Widgelix Device Repository, allowing you to start working with it within a couple of clicks. Once added to your Widgelix account, you can effortlessly connect the device to the platform through any LoRaWAN network. The simplicity of integration ensures you can begin monitoring your pets, assets, or anything that matters most to you, instantly and hassle-free.

Smart Pet Monitoring: Beyond Boundaries

Geofencing Reinvented

Widgelix’s intuitive interface enables users to create personalized geofences tailored to their pets’ safe zones. When your furry friend ventures beyond this predefined area, our system springs into action.

Smart Configuration

The moment your pet leaves the safety of the geofence, Widgelix sends a downlink command to the tracker, thanks to the SenseCAP T1000’s flexible downlink capabilities, increasing its geolocation update frequency. Simultaneously, an email notification is dispatched to you, ensuring you’re instantly informed about the event.

Widgelix’s Rule Engine allows you to build flexible custom automations and notification solutions

When your pet returns within the geofenced area, another email notification is sent to you. Widgelix doesn’t stop there; it intelligently monitors your pet’s presence within the geofence over a specified period. If your pet remains within the boundary, the tracker’s update frequency is adjusted back to its normal setting.

Additional Features

The SenseCAP T1000 can be configured through downlinks in different ways. It has a powerful event mode system, which reacts to temperature and movement. You can aggregate information regarding your pet’s activity or be notified if it’s in worrying conditions.

Versatile Geolocation Monitoring: Beyond Pets

The brilliance of Widgelix and Seeed Studio’s SenseCAP T1000 tracker extends far beyond pet monitoring. This dynamic duo is adaptable to any scenario where precise geolocation monitoring is paramount

Cattle Monitoring

Safeguard your livestock by creating geofences around grazing areas. Ensure their safety and well-being with real-time alerts and accurate location tracking.

Vehicle Tracking

Monitor vehicle fleets efficiently. Widgelix keeps you informed about your vehicles’ whereabouts, promoting better fleet management and security.

Asset Protection

Whether it’s high-value equipment or sensitive materials, create geofences around your assets. Widgelix guarantees you’re promptly notified if they stray beyond secure boundaries.

A Partnership Beyond Excellence

Our solution is a testament to the power of collaboration. GreenMesh has joined forces with Seeed Studio, a trailblazer in IoT technology, to create this versatile geolocation monitoring system. The LoRaWAN SenseCAP T1000 tracker’s seamless integration with Widgelix ensures unparalleled performance and reliability, setting new standards in the realm of geolocation monitoring.

In a world where every moment counts, Widgelix and Seeed Studio’s SenseCAP T1000 offer not just a monitoring system but a peace-of-mind experience. Join us in embracing a future where the safety of what you hold dear is just a click away.

With Widgelix and Seeed Studio, the freedom to monitor, protect, and cherish knows no bounds. Explore the endless possibilities today!