Parking Monitoring

The VELA smart sensor allows you to track and control each parking space on a parking lot. The device utilizes an onboard magnetometer and high frequency radar, and through the use of machine learning algorithms, it achieves extremely high accuracy.

Additionally, the VELA can operate for up to 5 years without requiring maintenance or battery replacement, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for parking management.

With the VELA, businesses and organizations can easily monitor and manage their parking spaces, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Widgelix platform includes support for parking monitoring solutions out of the box. Its prediction algorithms can help businesses and organizations manage their parking spaces more efficiently, increasing revenue and reducing pollution. By using the Widgelix platform, businesses can gain real-time visibility into their parking spaces and make data-driven decisions to optimize utilization and improve the overall customer experience. Whether you’re running a parking lot, a parking garage, or a street parking system, the Widgelix platform can help you streamline operations and maximize profits.