Situated at the forefront of GreenMesh’s innovation hub, a new chapter unfolds with the introduction of the SAB07, a revolutionary LoRaWAN-enabled radio-controlled valve actuator from Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH. This pivotal moment, propels our team into an exploration of the extensive possibilities offered by this cutting-edge device.

Technological Marvel of SAB07

On the surface, the SAB07 stands out as a technological marvel. Its seamless integration onto radiators promises not only effortless temperature regulation but also optimized heating consumption, fundamentally reshaping the dynamics of smart living spaces. However, our pursuit of innovation prompted us to delve deeper. By integrating the SAB07 into our sophisticated IoT ecosystem, Widgelix, we’ve unlocked a realm of unparalleled possibilities tailored for the smart building industry.

Integration with Widgelix

Within our toolkit, standing alongside the SAB07, is the Novos 3 P, an advanced temperature and humidity sensor featuring a built-in potentiometer. This innovative combination empowers us to remotely control the valve, irrespective of our physical location. Envision this: the Novos in hand, and through Widgelix’s versatile rule engine, we command the SAB07, ensuring an optimal environment effortlessly.

Magic of Rule Engine

The true magic lies within the depths of Widgelix’s rule engine, a highly advanced system with limitless potential. It captures vital data from a target asset and seamlessly transfers it across various devices. Furthermore, leveraging the power of Widgelix’s script engine, custom actions can be crafted to respond to specific triggers. Picture a scenario where room temperature adjusts based on daily routines, delivering comfort without manual intervention.

Limitless Possibilities with Smart Scheduling

The possibilities are truly boundless. With precise scheduling, the system orchestrates temperature changes aligned with individual lifestyles, ensuring a personalized environment. Should the temperature unexpectedly fluctuate, the valve reacts promptly, maintaining the desired warmth.

But the journey doesn’t culminate here. The SAB07’s extensive configurability, amplified through downlinks, promises an exciting trajectory. We’re diligently incorporating every available feature, poised to add it to our comprehensive repository. Simultaneously, Novos 3 P and an array of innovative devices are readily accessible, exemplifying the potential within our ecosystem.

Accessible Innovations in our Ecosystem

Connecting with GreenMesh

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