Core of Future Cities

Our cutting-edge solutions, built on the pillars of IoT, AI, and unparalleled adaptability, empower businesses across industries. Imagine a world where devices seamlessly communicate, where data transforms into actionable insights, and where technology adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Hardware Agnosticism


We believe technology should be inclusive, not exclusive. Our solutions are hardware-agnostic, ensuring seamless integration with diverse devices, from IoT sensors to cutting-edge AI systems.

IoT and AI Integration

By combining the power
of the Internet of Things (IoT)
and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we create intelligent, data-driven ecosystems. Predictive analytics, real-time monitoring, and smart automation are at your fingertips.

Global Connectivity


We transcend geographical boundaries. Our solutions seamlessly connect devices and businesses worldwide, enabling unprecedented collaboration and resource optimization.

Widgelix – Versatile Cloud Core

Introducing the Flagship Product of GreenMesh: The Solid Core of Future Cities and an Intelligent Cloud IoT Platform for Any Purpose.

We collect the data from any sensors and hardware connected to the Internet, channel it through various in-house-built ML and AI algorithms. This approach leads us to significantly optimize industry-independent business processes while alleviating market challenges.


Any City at a Glance

Green Areas – The Heart of Cities

In today’s modern cities, public parks play a pivotal role, serving as essential components of urban landscapes. However, managing these green spaces without smart solutions can result in substantial costs and inefficiencies.

Enter GreenMesh CityCore, a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the management of green areas within cities. Our platform goes beyond mere monitoring, offering a suite of tools to optimize various aspects of park maintenance. With GreenMesh CityCore, you can monitor the condition of soil and plants, track environmental parameters, and analyze people traffic.

But we don’t stop at monitoring – our platform empowers you to make informed decisions that lead to cost savings. By intelligently managing watering cycles and optimizing electricity consumption, GreenMesh CityCore ensures that your city’s green spaces thrive while keeping expenses in check. What’s more, our predictive capabilities enable you to anticipate future costs, allowing for proactive and strategic planning.

Utilities are the backbone of urban infrastructure, and their efficient management is crucial for the seamless functioning of modern cities. Without smart solutions, operational challenges can lead to increased costs and decreased reliability.

GreenMesh CityCore allows you to closely monitor key aspects of utility infrastructure, including equipment health, resource consumption, and environmental impact. Beyond monitoring, our platform empowers you to proactively manage and optimize resource usage, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

From electricity and water consumption to waste management, GreenMesh CityCore provides real-time insights, enabling informed decision-making. Predictive analytics further enhance your ability to anticipate future resource needs, enabling strategic planning for sustainable and cost-effective utility operations.

Utility Management

Elevate Building Automation

In the realm of modern urban living, the efficient management of building systems is paramount. Traditional approaches to building automation often fall short, resulting in unnecessary expenses and suboptimal performance.

GreenMesh CityCore empowers you to monitor and control essential aspects of building automation, from HVAC systems and lighting to security and occupancy. By providing real-time insights into system performance, our platform enables you to make data-driven decisions that enhance comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

But our commitment doesn’t end with monitoring – GreenMesh CityCore takes building automation to the next level by optimizing system operations. Fine-tune heating and cooling schedules, adjust lighting based on occupancy, and enhance security protocols with intelligent automation. The result? Increased energy savings, reduced operational costs, and a more sustainable and comfortable built environment.

And That’s It?

Whether you’re in manufacturing, healthcare, energy, or beyond, our turnkey solutions are meticulously crafted to fit your unique requirements. Efficiency, reliability, and innovation are at the core of what we do.

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