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Internet of Things

Widgelix – IoT Cloud Platform

Widgelix is a powerful and flexible deep analytics cloud service for IoT device management and data visualization. Our platform allows you to easily integrate devices from various manufacturers into a single platform, making it easier to manage your IoT network and extract valuable insights from your collected data. With Widgelix, you can optimize your device performance, improve your decision-making, and drive business growth.

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Smart City

We provide solutions for a variety of challenges faced by cities and businesses, including pollution and noise monitoring, lighting control, waste management, and smart parking. By leveraging the power of IoT and data analytics, our platform helps you create more sustainable and efficient environments that benefit your community and bottom line.


Greenmesh helps farmers and agribusinesses improve their operations with advanced farming solutions, including weather and soil monitoring. By collecting and analyzing data from IoT sensors and devices, our platform provides valuable insights into conditions on the ground, enabling farmers to optimize their irrigation, fertilization, and crop management practices. As a result, farmers can increase their yields, reduce their costs, and improve the sustainability of their operations.


We help businesses and organizations enhance their security, reduce downtime, and optimize their equipment performance with our advanced monitoring solutions. Our platform allows you to track and analyze data from your devices in real-time, enabling you to identify potential issues before they become problems and take proactive steps to prevent them. By leveraging the power of predictive maintenance and data analytics, you can improve the efficiency and reliability of your operations, while also reducing costs and risk.


At Greenmesh, we build a wide range of devices and services for various applications and industries. Our team is dedicated to using the latest and best technologies in our products, which gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Whether you need solutions for agriculture, smart cities, manufacturing, or any other industry, we have the expertise and capabilities to help you succeed.

Need a special product?

At Greenmesh, we offer turn-key solutions and full-stack development services to help businesses and organizations of all sizes create custom solutions for their particular needs.

Our turn-key solutions are designed to be easy to implement and use, requiring minimal setup and configuration on your part.

If you have more specific requirements or need help building a customized solution from scratch, our full-stack development team has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

From design to deployment, we handle every aspect of the development process to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.