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Create Device Type

Device types allow to join same devices in a single group and manage it simultaneously – assign rules, widgets, data converters and data flows.

Create your first device type

Go to Device Types on the left-hand menu

  • Type device type Name, and optional fields – Description and Manufacturer

Data fields

Widgelix works with flat JSON objects in case of MQTT or HTTP webhooks. If your device sends JSON with nested objects and arrays then you should prepare a data converter or add it further.

With TTN or LORIOT payloads the platform works automatically

  • Input in Data Fields all device data from payload.
  "deviceId": "FF00456700DD45"
  "temperature": 36.2,
  "pressure": 762,
  "Longitude": 15.376598,
  "Latitude": 45.657413,
  "windSpeed": 0.5, 

Then Data Fields input should looks like below

Device ID

In case of HTTP requests, the Widgelix has two options to recognize device id:

  1. Read it from HTTP header with name ‘device-id’ : {deviceId}
  2. Read from payload
    In the second case enable Take device id from payload checkbox and input field name which indicates device id from payload


If your device provide gnss coordinates in the payload, then you also may define them in the Device Type.
Just enable Take position from payload checkbox and input field names which indicate Latitude and Longitude


Finally, check all the data.

Click Add and your first Device Type is created!